The Adventures of Tasha the kitten  and Frtiz the cat.

Tasha is a pure;bred Maine Coon Cat who was born on March 13th, 2007. When we brought her home in mid-June, she weighed 3.4 pounds. At nine months, she weighs 8.4 pounds. Given her lineage, she likely be around 15 pounds as an adult.

Fritz is a 12-year-old Something-or-other and the lord of this house. He's about 16 pounds and fears nothing. But this kitten thing sometimes makes him crazy!

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  • The stealthy lioness stalks her prey.
  • Hey, come back here!
  • Stalking deer is hard work.
  • You WILL be my friend.
  • I see you hiding in there...can I play too?
  • Hmmm, maybe that wasn't such a good idea.