Schloss Juval sits high above a river valley in the South Tyrolyean Alps, about an hour west of Merano, Italy. Construction started in 1278 near ancient trade routes, the castle took several hundred years to complete. There is a dungeon but no recent ghost sightings have been reported. The vineyards below Juval also belong to the Messners who produce fine wines under their own label.
About 5,300 years ago "Oetzi, the Ice Man" (Reinhold calls him "Frozen Fritz"), died just a few kilometers away. He is now on exhibit in Bolzano at the Sudtiroler Archaologiemuseum -- highly recommended. You can tour castle Juval from September through May however some of the rooms shown here are not open to the public.

 Olympus OM4T - Zuiko 180mm + 1.4x